Musicians are constantly exploited. E como isso pode ajudar a disseminar nossos trabalhos? Listen to the full track on www. And how it helps us to spread our works? Have you watched my new video on my youtube channel!

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We know that your music brings us countless musical languages! Dd, one of the best musicians on the planet, an inspiration for many and a milestone in guitar education: Have you watched my new video on my youtube channel! My friend chrisbuono has a new funk jam course on truefiretv. The open track of my second album. You can listen to the full in my last album on www.


I love having everything in one place and just switch programs with a midi foot controller and I use a Roland FV volume pedal for expression after the preamp. Everything I have ever seen written on the Sweep Picking subject is derivative of soulmind work on the subject.

Another very cool rock song. O meu amplificador tem o power amp, pre amp e efeitos. Musicians are constantly exploited.


cd frank gambale soulmine

I would love to tour Brazil again soon. On one side the internet is great for artists to reach directly to their fans and to seek out fans through social media.

Be the best musician you can be.

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E de fato uma entrevista muito especial! A different kind of rock ballad. My friend chrisbuono has a new funk jam course on truefiretv. This makes me really happy because they gambae been getting away with murder and I for one, will be happy to see them go bankrupt! Some other memorable ones are some of the most recent.

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Ficaria muito feliz em vê-los falidos! This can be over 2, 3, 5, or 6 strings. Any plans for a new tour here in Soulmnie

A new day has just begun! Planos para uma turnê no Brasil? Frank Gambale here on Guitar Tech! Study, focus on self-improvement. Arpeggios are important of course, they are a beautiful musical tool, but you could say the same about triads, intervals or pentatonics or chromaticism.

That one frnk when I drank too much caffeine and I decided to transcribe a frankgambaleofficial solo. Just to stop by and say hello!


Frank Gambale – Músicas para ouvir – Som13

And who are your first influences? Algumas idéias para Am. Hermeto Pascoal, Ivan Lins are my two favourites.

I love to educate to the best of my ability. You can listen to the full in my last album on www.

cd frank gambale soulmine

O dia começou muito cedo! O que acha pensa sobre?


They are all important tools. I remember always being on the internet researching his materials and watching his performances in videos! Written and played with Gambale Tuning. To improve yourself through diligent study of Harmony and Theory and transcription and listening and practicing is nothing but a BIG positive in my opinion.

cd frank gambale soulmine

I hope you enjoy! What do you use in studios and stages? Em primeiro lugar, sou o criador do método Sweep Picking.