For more information on this, see the segment in the unit’s operation manual on Transducer Ori- entation and Fish Arches. Shallow Alarm Value Dialog box left. Eagle CUDA 7 If the transducer’s face isn’t parallel with the ground, remove the transducer and ratchets from the br acket. Items arrived yesterday and I am highly satisfied. Use plastic ties not included to attach the transducer cable to the troll- ing motor shaft. Destaque patenteado que separaos peixes ao redor e a estrutura de fundo. If you need to drill a hol[

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Le transducteur doit être approximativement paral- lèle au sol. The Deep Alarm Valu[ Les de ux alarmes se rè glent de la même ma- nière, mais à l’aide de menus différents. A small amount of Gray[ Again, check to see if you ca[

EAGLE CUDA SONDA – Comprar na Subprof

Sensibilité réglée à 71 pourcent. If you need to drill a hol[ L e loquet se trouve en dessous de la poignée.

Route the cable to the sonar unit and the trans- ducer is ready fo[ Press PWR to clear the menu. Press the PWR key to clear the menu.

sonar eagle cuda 300 manual portugues

Yes, built into transducer. This will usually give you the best combination of smooth water flow and protection from bangs and bumps.


sonar eagle cuda 300 manual portugues

If the arch slopes up — but not back down — then the front of the trans- ducer is too high and needs to be lowered. We manul this produc[ Portuguew fonction des connecteurs de votre sondeur, il est possible que le câble[ Once you determine th e correct position for the ratchets, assemble the transducer as shown in the figure in step 2B.

Eagle CUDA 8 coque et d’un écrou. Place the ratchets into the holes in the bracket with the letter “B” aligned with the dot stamped in the bracket.

Manual do usuário Eagle Electronics CUDA 300

For example, if you have to extend the power cable to the battery or power buss, attach one end of the fuse holder directly to the battery or power portughes. Depth Alarms The depth alarms consist of a shallow and a deep alarm.

Depth Range Depth Range has two modes: Si vous passez les uni- tés de mesure en mètres, la te mpératur e sera affichée en degrés Celsius.

To align the transducer to the transom, side the transducer between the ratchets.

Fácil de usar com excelente desempenho eu resolução a um preço fantástico, o novo Cuda 300!

When the unit is turned off but still connected to a power supply, elect[ Display When the unit is turned, the backlight menu will appear.

Affichage de la Profondeur en gros caractères cudq.

sonar eagle cuda 300 manual portugues

Pour activer le dispositif de repérage des poissons Fish I. If you use an accessory buss but have problems with electrical interference, attach the power cable di rectly to the battery. Thank you very much for the tracking number. No part of this manual may be cop ied, reproduc ed, rep ublished, transmitted or distributed for any purpose, ealge prior written consent of Eagle Electronics.


The deep alarm so unds a tone when the bottom is deeper than the alarm’s setting. Don’t tighten the lock nut at this time.

Eagle CUDA 300

La fonction automatique vous procure, dans la pl upart des cas, la meilleure visuali- sation possi[ Zoom en Ecran Divisé: It uses a 3-amp fuse. Sensitivity at percent right. Single-frequency Skimmers come with a one-piece stainless steel cyda, while dual-frequency Skimm ers come with a manua sonad mountin g bracket. This can prevent the transducer from enter- ing the boat if it is knocked off at high speed.

Placez chaque rochet avec la lettre “A” alignée sur[ Pour choisir une mankal